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Debbie Menk


I am so pleased with PhotoPanda. I have a dozen very bulky photo albums that my children do NOT want. I took out every picture and scoured the internet looking for the most reasonable and professional photo scanning service - and PhotoPanda is it!! They digitized my entire collection of photos (1500) for a fraction of the price of other services. The digitized photos are scanned as is, and then a second set of files are provided where the digitized photos are enhanced. WONDERFUL - the enhanced digitized photos are amazing. Many of my photos are more than 50 years old, and they look like they were taken with modern cameras in the enhanced versions. All of my photos were returned, packed neatly and carefully in one small box - much easier to store! I received both a USB drive with all the photos (original scan and enhanced versions) and a code to access them online - which also was a breeze. There is no easier and more affordable way to have your photos scanned and preserved than PhotoPanda.

PhotoPanda Team Reply:

Dear Debbie, Thank you so much for your wonderful review! We're thrilled to hear how pleased you are with our service and the quality of the digitized and enhanced photos. Our main goal is indeed to help our customers preserve what's precious to them, and we're glad we could do that for your cherished photo collection. Your feedback is truly appreciated and it motivates us to keep up the good work. Thank you again, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have more photos to be digitized in the future! Best Regards, The PhotoPanda Team

Marc Miller


What sets PhotoPanda apart is their attention to detail and their state-of-the-art scanning technology. Each photograph was handled with the utmost care to ensure no harm came to these precious memories. The resulting digital copies were nothing short of remarkable with an additional scan of the back of the photo which captured notes that Mom had made through the years. The scanned photos displayed a level of clarity and vibrancy that I was not expecting. PhotoPanda's commitment to delivering the highest resolution scans meant that even the smallest details and nuances of each image were faithfully preserved. The colors were vivid, and the images were free from any imperfections or distortions. Finally, the USB drive was impressive. Nice keepsake for Mom's old photos! Highly recommend without reservation. In fact, just sent my second box yesterday!

PhotoPanda Team Reply:

Dear Marc Miller, We're thrilled to hear that you were satisfied with our service. Your kind words perfectly reflect what we strive for - preserving precious memories with care, details, and high-quality resolution. It's rewarding to know you appreciated the additional scan of the back of the photos, as well as our quality USB keepsake. Your recommendation means the world to us. We're looking forward to processing your second box and hope to continue exceeding your expectations. Thanks again for your trust in us! Best wishes, The PhotoPanda Team

Tim D Tyler


Wonderful service -- NO ONE has an excuse to delay getting important photo prints scanned now!

PhotoPanda Team Reply:

Hello Tim D Tyler, Thank you so much for your wonderful review! You are absolutely right, preserving precious memories has never been easier. We're thrilled that you've enjoyed our service and we look forward to helping you save more memories in the future. Best regards, The PhotoPanda Team

Sally J Hogan


I'm sure our decedent's would rather have our memories on a flash drive than boxes of photo albums. Try it and see for yourself. I am thrilled with the results. Nice touch on the special case that holds the flash drive. Thank you so much Sally

PhotoPanda Team Reply:

Hi Sally, We're absolutely delighted to hear you're thrilled with the results! It's our mission to help people preserve their precious memories in a highly convenient and sustainable format. We're glad you liked the special case, it adds a touch of uniqueness to every order. Thanks again for your kind words and recommending us. We look forward to assisting you again! Best, The PhotoPanda Team

David Van Wagoner


The instructions we received were very clear and the service super efficient. We appreciated how fast and how well done our scan was! I recommend them highly!

PhotoPanda Team Reply:

Hello David, Thank you so much for your kind words! We're thrilled to hear that you found our scanning service efficient and up to your standards. After all, our goal is to preserve your precious memories as best in class as possible. Your recommendation is deeply appreciated! Warm Regards, The PhotoPanda Team

Ann-Marie Miglionico


Dirk Schillmoeller


Fantastic service, dont use anything else.



Rose M Yeager


Very happy with the service. Pictures came back quickly.

PhotoPanda Team Reply:

Dear Rose M Yeager, We're thrilled to hear that you're happy with our service and speed! Thank you for choosing PhotoPanda to help preserve your precious memories. We hope to serve you again in the future. Best regards, The PhotoPanda Team

The Bear Necessities

3 Step Photo Scanning

It's never been easier to get your memories out of shoeboxes.

  1. 1

    Mail as many photos as you can.

    We provide a prepaid and insured package for your photos.

  2. 2

    Photos are expertly scanned.

    Your photos are digitized and put on a USB flash thumb drive.

  3. 3

    Unlimited digital access.

    Receive your original photos back by mail and enjoy unlimited downloads from the Cloud.

Premium Photo Scanning

Choose Your Package

PhotoPanda will send you the prepaid box, materials, and instructions for you to safely send in your photos.

How many photos do you have?

Small Starter

$0 No credit card required.
  • 5x7" package provided.
  • This photo count is an estimate. On average, people fit about 40 4x6" photos inside this package. PhotoPanda does not guarantee a minimum, the exact number of photos scanned will be whatever you're able to fit inside.

  • We will scan any photo you mail us, as long as it is within these dimensions:

    • Minimum: 2 x 3 inches
    • Maximum: 5x7" inches, 0.5mm thick
  • Returning Your Photos

  • Most orders are completed within 10 business days. During busy periods we may need up to 6 weeks to complete your order.

  • Unlimited free photo downloads, forever.
  • Photos sent by email.
  • Your photos are returned to you.
Photo Handling
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All Our Features

The PhotoPanda Difference

Our team of experts use the latest technology to digitize your old photos, providing you with high-resolution digital copies.

  • AI Enhancement Example image showing quality improvement

    Smart Photo Enhancements

    Our magic enhancements automatically fix torn, faded, and yellowed photos. Compare the Original and Enhanced versions side-by-side and choose your favorite.

  • AI Enhancement Example image showing quality improvement

    Automatic Photo Rotation

    You only need to send your photos as big face-up stacks. Some photos might be sent sideways, others might be upside down. PhotoPanda automatically rotates your photos!

  • The PhotoPanda Cloud Vault Backup, data center protecting your photos

    Protected in the Cloud

    Access your photos anytime in our secure Cloud Vault Backup. Enjoy unlimited downloads and expert-built protection, ensuring your photos are accessible for 30+ years on any device.

    See an example Cloud Vault Backup.

  • Based in the USA

    USA & Human-Powered Service

    We're based in California! We have the best customer service in the industry and the fastest scanning turnaround times done by certified experts.

  • Based in the USA

    Giftworthy Results

    Our USBs are made of stylish walnut wood with a protective wooden case. Easy plug & play for computer viewing, editing, or sharing.

  • Based in the USA

    Unlimited Sharing

    After scanning, all your photos are available on a secure web link. Your photos can be easily shared with anyone and downloaded to any device.

  • Based in the USA

    Donations To The WWF

    We donate to multiple charities for continuing environmental protection and wildlife preservation. Read more about our dedication to sustainability.

  • Based in the USA

    Easy Photo Groups

    For a small additional price, you can separate your photos into groups using bags or rubber bands. Titled groups will be organized digitally. Photo groups details.

A Choice You Can Feel Good About

  • Donations To The WWF

    We donate to multiple charities for continuing environmental protection and wildlife preservation.

  • Responsible Packaging

    The tape and packaging we use is 100% paper or recycled. Our USBs are made of sustainable wood.

Read more about our dedication to sustainability.

Hero Discounts

We like to to give back wherever we can. PhotoPanda offers 10% discounts to those who support others in the United States.

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At PhotoPanda, we're a small team of professionals dedicated to our craft. Combined we have decades of experience at photo digitizing, expert customer relations, and community service.

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Denise Milligan

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