Why should I scan my photos?

Photographs are precious. Having them enables us to hold a moment in history for future generations, keep the memory of a loved one alive, and help us reminisce. However, times have changed, and having traditional, paper-backed photographs isn’t ideal anymore. 

Once before, these worked perfectly as people could cherish the memory they hold. However, with the amount of digitalization happening around us, scanning your photos should be considered. This isn’t only for social media or accessing them on the latest iPhone. There are far more benefits to scanning your photos:

Memory longevity

Despite the reputation of photographs holding memories forever, they don’t. Interestingly, there isn’t any industry standard regarding ink life. According to Richard Seiling, a professional printer, the photo itself will deteriorate between 20 to 100 years. To retain your memories and photos for later generations to enjoy, the most optimal way to extend this lifespan by digitizing your photos.

Optimal protection

If you have an old photo you love, how would you feel if it got damaged or lost forever? We’ve been there, it’s not a great feeling. Things go missing overtime, and nearly one-third of all homes in the United States are at high risk of natural disasters. Therefore, your photos aren’t as safe as you might think. 

When you send old photos to be scanned, protection is increased tenfold. You get digital copies that can get saved on the cloud and duplicated multiple times across different hard drives, almost making it impossible for them to get damaged or lost. 


Photo boxes, frames, and anything else related to storage or display are bulky. Over your lifespan, you can have thousands of photos. Although you don’t want to throw them away (understandably), it doesn’t mean they should clutter your home. 

To save yourself from this issue, seek picture digitizing services. With these, you can send old photos to be scanned, saving you a tremendous amount of space and storage. 


Lastly, photo scanning is remarkably affordable. At Photo Panda, we offer services for as little as $0.42 to $0.09 per scanned photo on a USB memory stick. As a result, people get to cherish their beloved photos forever at a minimal price.

Without question, picture digitizing services are an excellent way to increase photo life for future generations. Without them, photos have an expiry date. Although it can be between 20 - 100 years, you never know whether they’ll get damaged or misplaced, making that particular memory disappear forever. 


After reading the above, you should understand why you should consider photo scanning. The benefits for older and even newer photos are astronomical. Whether you want to increase their protection, longevity, or declutter the house, photo scanning is the answer.

Contact us if you’re looking for a reliable, efficient, cost-effective photo scanning solution. We’re PhotoPanda, specializing in photo digitizing services. To learn what we do, see here.